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AltTxt1 : "lunatic visionary"

I've had more time to spend with "Odyssey" again lately, and the entire Part One is now complete. What a pleasure it is to flip through those pages one after another. The glued spine has cracked several times along the way; repairs have included fresh glue and masking tape for added support. I expect there'll be more repairs to come; I knew this would be an issue when I chose a glued (rather than sewn) book in which to do the art, but I must say I'm rather pleased with how well the book has been holding together under the artistic abuse I've given it. More abuse to come as I begin inking on Part Two.

 « pages 30 & 31 » 
Media on this spread include the gesso and watercolor base, followed by colored pencils and some marker. The pinkish shading showing around the words of p. 31 is bleedthrough from the use of a purple gel pen on the verso p. 32. It only showed up over a period of time and by then, I'd used purple/magenta gel on other pages also, with similar results, grr.

Oats030031S "tousled thousands"

Tousled thousands followed adversity.
Tousled thousands had solemly shuffled away his path.
Tousled thousands followed their rumpled way.
He never noticed, and it exasperated, then encouraged me.
God turned from the revolving and turned to me.

Why can't such a somebody in love --
   today, for years, for tonight --
then be in control and chosen?

You know everyone had that unsettling feeling. Everybody.


 « pages 108 & 109 » 
More pink shading bleeding through here from p. 107 (not posted yet). I managed to tone it down some with application of a white china marker. It bugs, but as long as the text remains legible, I'm chalking it up as just one of the altered book's quirky characteristics. Used the usual media on these pages. 

OatS108109s "can do it"

Thanks for the puzzle.
(under control only just grouchily first)
I had been twenty years yelling and pacing while he didn't threaten.
I casually had no doubt, but I pretended for one minute, because it's a zebra.
Back at the beginning, I already know.
(can do it)
I could.
 (can do it)

I thought I could believe so...
(I do actually) (yes)
...I wouldn't keep repeating the problem.
I hit Stop Now.
(I looked, and I know I saw where it was.)
The lights were off, but light was on.
Facing him, I saw there... there... somewhere.


« pages 16 & 17 »  
Again, the usual media at play. There's something about that colored pencil, masquerading as a solid tone yet filled with a myriad of shades, that so delights my eyes.

Oats016017S "lunatic visionary"

Down like my fifteen minutes of fame.
I was disturbed as a result of the trial at the closed door.
The pone blowout had already disallowed the dream.
Packing up my nothing.
Going to listen... going to listen... could be days.
Solve it.
Solve it.

Lunatic visionary.
Visionary lunatic.




AltTxt1 : "about love my love"

And just when it seems I'm never getting back, here are more spreads from "Odyssey," my ongoing altered text project. The book is now fully inked through its "Part One" section although there remain plenty of pages in "Part One" awaiting color.

« pages 26 & 27 »
Media on this spread include watercolor, ballpoint, colored pencils and marker, most of that over a gesso base.


One way or the other, obviously 
I wasn't listening the best way.

We had worked closely
and again,
it was time to step down up the steps.

He started construction so momentary.

We tried to believe personal responsibility
We tried to be personally responsible
no to just the crowd
but also the most eminent families.


« pages 134 & 135 »
The pages don't come any brighter or more intense than this spread. I used Inktense pencils over the gesso base, and the colors simply screamed. It was appropriate to push them into rainbow formation.


[One of them will rampage full of lava.]
I guess I did, I did.
(did or didn't)
I held out silently.
"I get your point."

a joke

Is Good God a private occupation?

soft voice


« pages 36 & 37 »
Fairly typical treatment on these pages. Gesso base, a layer of watercolor, followed by colored pencils. There are also some touches of marker, a Pitt brush pen.


Good flashed forward.
I asked
and from there would be in magic and personal love.

About love my love, love is certain...
and a man who was loving has loved easy.



A&A : Pages 74-77

Thought it would be nice to post a little something. Been quite busy with other projects, but these are still coming along, bit by bit.






For this A&A project, I draw these original angel aliens (or alien angels) directly into the book with a ballpoint. Many passes are made with the pen to define and thicken the lines. Then they are colored with wax crayon and colored pencil. 


AltTxt1 : "there was more to life"

Three more spreads from "Odyssey," my ongoing altered text project.

« pages 88 & 89 »
Page 88 is done all in ballpoint pen with some small touches of colored pencil for shading.
Page 89 uses marker over watercolor.


    I flashed. I knew. I turned. I saw. I felt.
    Just believe this unbelievable: God did visit.
The problem is things came secondhand to them.
I admit this with real despair, earnestly.
    I'm asking, I am asking.

Ahead, it's gonna be recklessness with the opposition - mortified - vulnerable!
The opposition having no ideas because...
     (45 percent - 41 percent - 14 percent -
     doubtless doing a fine job and all)
...they didn't know.


« pages 114 & 115 »
A white Sigmo pen was used on page 114 to X out the unneeded words without eradicating them completely. Page 115 is the usual colored pencils over watercolor. The colors might seem much too cheery for what's occuring in the story on this page, but I liked the way they looked so much I didn't want to add anything further, and the cheeriness actually does suit, in a wide, overview manner.


admit - admit
He knows right here there's a name he left me.

Is it already true? True already?
     Then it'd be too risky.
I got moral sure spring-cleaning, spring-cleaning.
I got real tragic evidence!


« pages 32 & 33 »
The basic gesso, followed by watercolor. Then gel pen over the watercolor on page 32, including an area directly onto the text with no gesso base. And that bright magenta/purple color? Bleeds right through the gesso and the paper over time. But there's no way to know that except to use it and let time pass. So when I came back later to work on the recto page 31... ! :(


Of course for the whole world, very obviously, all over accustomed to it and the same shown perfect.
Life as a prize, a success!
But there was more to life.
But there was more to it.

As always, his will.
Still, messages are glorious.

He gave old, old advice as if he owned it.
About me.
About me.



A&A : pages 70-73

Another couple spreads from this project, which is moving along slowly, but still moving along.






For this A&A project, I draw these original angel aliens (or alien angels) directly into the book with a ballpoint. Many passes are made with the pen to define and thicken the lines. Then they are colored with wax crayon and colored pencil.


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